American Express was able to reach over 1700 clients and engage directly with 143 during this one virtual webinar, as opposed to the 25 clients they are usually able to engage with during each hosted live event. In addition, the expenses for the webinar were about 35% less than what they allocate to live events, and they were still able to reach more people.

The webinar lasted just under one hour and the average watch time was 39:53. By using interactive features, such as Q&A, poll questions, and surveys American Express was able to increase their engagement and speak directly with clients who are interested in finding AP Automation solutions.

As experts in the Vimeo Enterprise platform, we provide the very best in virtual events for businesses of all sizes. Using a combination of production planning, live moderation, white-label branding, enterprise-level security, and enhanced engagement tools, we were able to achieve the following results and more:

  • 143 C-level attendees
  • 4200+ total minutes watched
  • 100+ poll interactions
  • 39:53 minute average view time


The AP Automation Department at American Express wanted to find a way to virtually engage with their clients since all live events had been canceled indefinitely. It was important for them to be able to reach as many clients as possible and share beneficial information about the AP Automation industry in an exciting and rewarding way.

The company also wanted the freedom and flexibility to run an unlimited number of webinars throughout the year so they could drive engagement and interaction with their audience.


Our mission was to provide full-stack management and marketing of Accounts Payable Automation by American Express, an event dedicated to helping businesses reclaim time and money lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From registration management, to security, to branding, to moderation, to engagement tools, every facet of the event was created and curated by the virtual event experts at Innovative Group.

  • Innovative Group offered the Vimeo Enterprise platform as the opportune solution for American Express’ needs.
  • This platform would allow IG to personally brand the Webinar and include interactive tools to increase awareness and engagement.
  • The platform also allowed American Express to see who attended the webinar, and to obtain analytics such as peak viewers, impressions, average watch time, and total minutes watched.
  • Helped to facilitate a two-way interaction between American Express and attendees with features like Q&A and live chat
  • IG’s experiential team provided front-end and back-end support throughout the process, assisting with registration needs and follow-up through the Cvent portal.
  • Enhanced American Express’ online event experience by enabling full control over their production elements, including branding and templates.