American Express was looking for a partner to strategize, create, and execute various engagement events across the United States. Keeping the focus on local executives and their customers.


Innovative Group developed and delivered an annual plan. By working directly with local venues and/or promoters, IG created hosting environments, as well as provided behind the scenes access to some of the most sought after shows.

There were many activations across the country, including Atlanta, where IG transformed the World of Coca-Cola. Treating guests to a culinary exstravaganza made from various world-wide coke products. On the other side of the country, in Las Vegas, VIPs shared an intimate and extraordinary evening at the famed show Cirque Ka. While in Denver, executives and clientele were offered a luxury gourmet experience with special event access to the "Wicked" performance. The list goes on. Each one as memorable and well recieved as the next. We even enhanced each experience by sending themed thank you gifts (post-event) on behalf of Regional Executives – delighting customers with a personal touch.

Both American Express executives and attendees raved about the unique access the events provided. Both parties appreciated the oportunity to learn more about one another, approvingly expressing how little the get togethers felt like a "business gathering."