Each and every year, the IG team has helped to increase attendance at these events by bringing in new and enticing ways to draw the attention of American Express’ key demographic. This has further solidified IG’s greater involvement in planning and executing future events for American Express, as we have done for the last 9 years.


American Express needed new and exciting solutions to enhance their events…solutions that added that WOW factor for both attending clients and guests and would be a draw for people to want to attend. For this, they wanted a partner to strategize, create, and deliver various engagements across the US.


Whether it be in Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Diego, New York, Boston, Chicago or the many other cities Innovative Group has produced events for American Express, they have found a way to bring that city and history to life for key managers, stakeholders, and their guests. In Las Vegas, an unprecedented engagement was brought to life when IG collaborated with a talented illusionist. Shimshi engaged and delighted fans, while using the American Express card in a multitude of phenomenal and magical ways. While in New Orleans, IG helped bring the city to life with the aid of a flare mixologist, who juggled colorful liquor bottles while creating American Express signature drinks for attendees. At the same time, a local speed artist created an AMEX masterpiece that still hangs in the Tower today. In Atlanta, IG transformed the World of Coca-Cola into a culinary extravaganza made from various world-wide coke products. The sounds of the All-Star Blues band filled the air in Chicago while guests dined on local favorites, including treats from Garrett’s Popcorn. And, a party bus brought guests to an indoor park in San Diego where guests dined on local street food and wine pairings popular to the region. All creating an experience that didn’t miss a beat, no matter the location.