The Bud & Burgers activation area always remained the busiest at any event, and made an impactful impression. The biggest accolade was that other Anheuser-Busch regions wanted to emulate this same activation in order to deliver greater results.


Anheuser–Busch was looking for an experiential initiative that would take their Bud & Burgers promotion to the next level.


Innovative Group created an experiential activation area that set Budweiser apart at every venue. IG sought out, managed, and created a Bud & Burgers food truck that toured the Southeast region during a two-month period. The truck was fully branded, and made quite an impact on and off the road. At events, the Bud & Burgers activation area was complete with a giant-sized Plinko game, prizes, bars, burgers, and, of course, plenty of Budweiser beer. There was always a constant flow of guests and beer within the activation. Other vendors continually asked how we garnered so much attention. The answer was simple: we pride ourselves on being innovative solutionists.