Over the course of their initial 3-month contract, The Metropolitan Club enjoyed exponential increases in its web traffic. At the end of their first contract term, they immediately extended their service agreement for another six months.

Using a combination of search engine optimization, social media management, mobile optimization, site speed optimization, and conversion tracking, we were able to achieve the following results and more:

  • 64% increase in average search position year over year
  • 43% increase in Google My Business searches
  • 401% increase in Google My Business actions (calls, website visits, direction requests)
  • 24% increase in Total Sessions
  • 17% Increase in Unique Visitors


In order to combat an exponential loss of business due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Metropolitan Club of Alpharetta, Georgia enlisted the services of Innovative Group to revamp their digital marketing endeavors.


Our mission was to provide full-stack management and marketing of The Metropolitan Club, metro Atlanta’s finest event venue dedicated to providing peerless and unique event experiences for you and your guests. From website auditing and SEO, to social managing and publishing, to website design and mobile optimization, every facet was created and curated by the digital marketing experts at Innovative Group.