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Atlanta is a bustling cultural hub, one of the fastest-growing commercial markets, and home to countless world-class attractions. In these unique times, virtual events in Atlanta can help businesses continue to thrive. Virtual events are an excellent way for a larger and more diverse audience to engage with your brand from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s large conferences or sports live streams or VR chat rooms, virtual events provide flexibility while maintaining brand consistency in a sometimes unpredictable market landscape.

Innovative Group is an experiential marketing agency that creates customized experiences and activations for companies big and small across a variety of storied industries. We have had the honor of working with brands such as American Express, Chase, Ultra Music Festival, the College Football Playoffs, Cartoon Network, Major League Baseball, and Bud Light, to name a few.

Virtual Event Services in Atlanta

Why Go Virtual?

Atlanta has seen remarkable rapid economic growth and advancements in technology just within the last decade, and virtual events are a necessity for businesses to keep the momentum moving forward.

Virtual events are held for the same reason you would hold an in-person event: To deliver your company’s message in order to drive leads and revenue, drive adoption, and build loyalty over a lifetime.

Live streaming and conferencing tools are more available than ever before, and online events are far more affordable to produce.

Video is a new norm for many of us, with the average consumer watching nearly 3 hours of video daily. One study showed that while 20% of people would read text on a page, 80% will watch a video.

Simple, Collaborative Creation

To create this virtual event experience, Innovative Group utilizes the Vimeo Enterprise platform.

Vimeo Enterprise is not a video conferencing tool like Zoom or Microsoft Teams – this platform is built for presentation and promotes engagement and interactivity with audiences. This is accomplished with fully custom branding, multi-channel distribution, and a suite of engagement tools.

Engagement Tools

>Email Capture: Email capture is a great feature to get your viewer’s email addresses and sync them with your email marketing software.

>Polling Feature: Polls can be used to gather feedback from viewers (answers ranked by percentage) or as a quiz (one option being the correct response). While only one poll may be open at a time, an unlimited number of polls can be utilized during a live stream.

>Live Chat: At any point during the presentation, the live chat feature is available for everyone to openly converse. The embedded chat portal can be minimized, disabled, or “popped out” into a separate window by the user and can also be fully disabled by the moderator if need be.

>Moderated Live Q&A: Similar to polls, this can be interacted with by the user within the chat portal and have the option of being completely anonymous. Questions can also be moderated and vetted before they are shared with the audience or answered by the moderators. This function helps direct the conversation of the presentation as well as allows the presenter and moderators to learn more about their audience.

Distribution Potential

With Vimeo’s adaptive streaming, every person in your audience gets the best viewing experience, on any device. From local event venues to your favorite Atlanta sports team, businesses of all kinds can benefit from this cutting-edge solution. Whether they’re in Atlanta or halfway across the world – video streaming quality remains consistent – even with limited bandwidth.

>The player can be hosted on Vimeo, embedded location, at custom domain/subdomain, or smart TV

>SEO inputs allow for discovery in search engines

>This platform can directly integrate with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr social channels for expanded reach

>Videos can be shared or downloaded by viewers, further increasing exposure

>The player can be public, password-protected, or invite-only, etc.

Branding Options

There are a number of branding opportunities to customize a fully white-label virtual event. Tailor-make your virtual event to showcase your unique Atlanta brand and set your company apart from the competition. Nearly every aspect of the player can be branded including the features listed below.

>Custom Logos

>Branded Colors

>Custom URL/Domain/Subdomain

>Fully-white Label Appearance

>Lower Thirds


>Linked Logos

Production Tools

Pre and post-production tools to put professional touches on your Atlanta virtual event. With Vimeo Studio, you have full control over audio/visual inputs & outputs, transitions, push/pull functions, stream switching, and really anything else that a traditional broadcast studio can provide.

High-quality, reliable HD streaming with support and uptime SLAs to ensure your live events go smoothly, every time.

White-glove onboarding, dedicated account management, and access to Vimeo’s award-winning live production services ensures effortlessly high-quality content for all your virtual events.

Once your live event is complete, it is archived and can be edited further to include subtitles, linked cards, timestamped chapters, and other fine touches. Post-event, the video can also be downloaded in its edited entirety and distributed as you would any typical video.

Security & Analytics

Measuring audience engagement or reach can be tricky business. That’s why Vimeo Enterprise’s robust analytics provide detailed insights to help your team better understand your audience, down to each and every employee, trainee, or viewer.

Aggregated video analytics let your team level set with a baseline understanding of what your engagement levels currently look like. From there, you can dive deep into user-level analytics to see which viewers are engaged, what they engage with, how long they tune in for, and much more.

Enterprise-grade security with single sign-on (SSO) for viewers, private team projects, embed permissions, and much more.

Move at the Speed of Live

No matter the number of sessions, Vimeo can power your full Atlanta event schedule virtually. All Vimeo live streams are automatically archived in 4K, so your attendees can continue learning even after the stream ends.

When businesses communicate with video, they spark deeper engagement with employees, sell more products, improve brand recall, and generally get their message across better. It’s even what executives want — 59% prefer video over text.

Vimeo has SEO tools to make your Atlanta virtual event showcases discoverable in search results. This feature is on the left-hand side panel of your showcase. Users can optimize their showcase to get more organic traffic from search engines.

Auto-archiving makes it easy to grow a library of content that your team can access when and where they want.

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